Building a Virtual Pinball Machine

I was cleaning out a closet the other day and came across my old custom-build PC setup from 2010. I need to decide to either do something with it or get rid of it, and I think it might make a great arcade emulator or a virtual pinball machine.

Despite the computer’s age, it runs Pinball FX decently, and I have a nice collection of tables on Steam (yay Steam sales). The game has a cabinet mode that will change the perspective of the playfield, and it also supports a second screen for a back glass.

Tesla Model 3 Wishlist

After a little over three months and 6,000 miles driving a Tesla Model 3, there are a few changes that I wish could be made to it.

Tesla is known for pushing over-the-air updates to improve their vehicles, and I don’t think these are out of the realm of possibility as software changes.

Six Word Stories

Developers tend to start with a very simple “Hello, World” Program to make sure their development environment is wired up correctly. If you cannot get this simple example program to run, something is wrong.

But after that program runs, I always seem to start with the same project when I’m trying out any new language or web framework: Six Word Stories. It’s a simple application that covers a lot of basics such as database relationships, authorization, and familiar UI concepts.

I haven’t started a new version of this project in a while though, so I started thinking, “what would a 2019 version look like?” Would I use Elixir and Phoenix, try porting an old Express.js version to TypeScript, or would it be a serverless application?