Tesla Model 3 Wishlist

After a little over three months and 6,000 miles of driving a Tesla Model 3, there are a few changes that I wish could be made to it.

Tesla is known for pushing over-the-air updates to improve their vehicles, and I don’t think these are out of the realm of possibility as software changes.

360-Degree Camera View

I believe the 360-degree view could be made from a composite of the cameras that are already on the Model 3.

Access to the Side Cameras

There is already a button to show you the rear camera. However, being able to view the side cameras would be nice to have for checking parking lines if a 360-degree composite view couldn’t be added.

Lead Vehicle Start Alert

My wife’s Subaru Forester has a feature called “Lead Vehicle Start Alert”. It makes a sound when the vehicle in front of it starts moving again. This is a great feature for when you’re in line at a drive-thru.

Apple Music Support

After adding Spotify with the release of Software v10, Apple Music support seems like it would be possible. I’d also be happy with just going full CarPlay, but that’s likely to never happen.

Customizable Bottom Bar

I access the glove box way more than the defroster. I’d like to customize the bottom bar for quicker access to features I use the most.

Postpone Bluetooth Pairing

The Model 3 starts pairing via Bluetooth when any door is opened, even the trunk. If you’re talking to someone on your phone and open the trunk, the call switches to the car audio.

I’d like the pairing to be postponed until the seat senses someone sit down.

Emoji Support in the Calendar

I use emojis in calendars for quickly denoting events kind of like categories. They show up as empty squares in the Model 3 calendar.