Framework Laptop Upgrade

The 12th Gen Intel upgrade kit for the Framework Laptop is now available. The fact they kept their promise of the laptop being an upgradeable machine makes me glad I purchased this machine.

Earlier in the year, Framework released documentation and printable cases for their mainboards to convert them into desktops or repurpose them for other projects. I’ve put my mainboard in a case in preparation for purchasing the upgrade.

Some makers have ran with the idea.

My favorite is the Mainboard Terminal by Penk Chen.

And there is also the framedeck by brickbots.

I’ve been considering making a digital pinball cabinet for a while with my old Lynnfield i5 build that has a GeForce 460. The integrated graphics power in the 11th Gen Intel i5 isn’t that bad, and I think it could be faster in both CPU and GPU than that 2010 tech.

I think the size of the computer, even in the 3D-printed case, and the lower power draw would make it a much better choice for that project.