Retro Computing Updates

I added some content about my NeXTstation mono and Quadra 700.

I also recently got a copy of Inside NeXT as a gift.

It has some great pictures, company and production information, as well as repair information in it. I plan on using the capacitor list in the book as a guide when I re-cap my MegaPixel Display.

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My Hardware History: The 1990s

As my collection of vintage computers grows, I wanted to look back on the hardware and operating systems I grew up with.

For most of the computing world, the 90s was about Microsoft taking over with Windows. However, I don’t think any one particular operating system took over my particular computing world. My early computer time was all about LOAD "*",8 and later almost equal time between Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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Building a Virtual Pinball Machine

I was cleaning out a closet the other day and came across my old PC setup from 2010. I decided I wanted to either do something with it or get rid of it, and I thought it might make a great arcade emulator or a virtual pinball machine.

Despite the computer’s age, I think it will run Pinball FX, and I have a nice collection of tables on Steam (yay Steam sales). The game has a cabinet mode that will change the perspective of the playfield, and it also supports a second screen for a back glass.

Tesla Model 3 Wishlist

After a little over three months and 6,000 miles driving a Tesla Model 3, there are a few changes that I wish could be made to it.

Tesla is known for pushing over-the-air updates to improve their vehicles, and I don’t think these are out of the realm of possibility as software changes.

Hello WordPress

Enough with the bike-shedding, I’m just go to ship it.

A goal of mine in 2020 is to write weekly. To give myself the best chance at success, I’m just using WordPress with the default theme.

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