Pre-ordering the Steam Deck

I’m super excited about the Steam Deck, Valves new hand-held gaming PC that runs AAA games on Linux.

Pre-ordering were crashing the reservation system, and I had issues for 40 minutes trying to get it to accept my credit card. But eventually I got an email confirmation; however, I missed the 2021 shipping window.

The specs seem pretty good for running current and previous-generation games. but there will eventually be newer games that will push it a bit. Even newer current-generation games might.

I wonder if publishers end up considering its support like they do for consoles, or if Valve revises the specs in a shorter window than consoles.

But maybe Valve doesn’t even need to worry about the specs for future games. Game streaming could be the future of this form factor. Xbox Cloud seems like a possibility on the Steam Deck since you can install Windows, and you will probably be able to stream games to it from your local PC like you can from other Steam clients.

Maybe Valve will even launch an Xbox Cloud competitor, which could prolong the hardware’s life.

Journey into Cryptocurrency

Last week, my new Windows PC with an RTX 3080 finally arrived, and I was lucky enough to get a 3080 before the limited hash rate version came out. Getting one without the hash rate limit got me thinking about digging into cryptocurrency. This isn’t the first time I’ve dipped my toes in the water. My interest in cryptocurrency always seems to perk up when I get a new GPU, but after some playing around, I tend to give up on it.

First Day with an Apple Silicon Mac

My Mac mini with an Apple Silicon CPU arrived. I went with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD configuration. I am excited about this transition, not just because of the massive jump in performance, but because it feels like the Mac platform is taking center stage again.

I did hit a few snags with the hardware and operating system on my first day. It wasn’t a simple drop-in replacement for my 2018 Mac mini on my desk, and one of the first things I wanted to understand was how to reinstall or factory erase macOS on Apple Silicon.

New Hardware: Summer 2020

My original plans for 2020 were to write more and complete more projects. And you would think that being locked up in a house all spring and summer would be the perfect time to do those things. However, I have kids and a job that increased in demand due to the circumstances, and so my projects were put on hold.

I’ve got a handle on things now and have made a few new purchases this summer: a NeXTstation Color Turbo, a Commodore 64, and an Amiga 500.

Impressions of the Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro

When the iPad first came out in 2010, I immediately bought one. Holding it and interacting with it felt like the future of computing. But as the years went by and I upgraded to newer models of the iPad, I never really felt the same excitement. The software experience seemed stagnant, and I ended up using it more for reading and watching videos than anything productive.

Somehow, the iPad Pro evokes the same excitement the original iPad made me feel. The thinness of the case, the larger screen, and using Face ID feels like the future of computing again. I hope the Magic Keyboard can elevate the iPad above more than just a consumption device.