The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

No spoilers, I promise.

The original Star Wars trilogy is a gritty, western soap opera set in space and moved forward by an action/adventure plot.

The prequels couldn’t deliver that same western feel with the pristine and elegant setting of a galaxy in its heyday, or deliver the shocks and surprises of a soap opera because we already knew Anakin kills all the Jedi, fathers Luke and Leia, and becomes Darth Vader. Though they tried to make up for that with soap opera acting.

The Force Awakens is not only a great movie, but it’s a great Star Wars installment. They brought back the western feel, added some shocks and surprises and connected the story nicely to the original while introducing new, compelling heroes and villains.

I was disappointed with the Captain Phasma character, but otherwise I truly want to see the continuing adventures of Rey and Finn as they go up against Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Also, I was surprised by how much personality they were able to give to BB-8. R2-D2, you have some tough competition.