Crackpot WWDC 2016 Wishlist

Crackpot WWDC 2016 Wishlist

Wild speculation of what will be announced at an Apple event is always fun. Here are my wild, crackpot ideas for WWDC 2016.

Expand Apple Pay

  • Re-brand all iTunes, iBooks, App Store (and in-app) purchases as Apple Pay purchases
  • Open up an API that works like Stripe to websites and allow third-party apps and sites to sell physical and digital goods and services
  • One more thing… Apple Pay peer-to-peer payments via iMessage

Expand Android Offerings

  • CloudKit SDK and AirPlay SDK for Android
  • Podcasts app, Apple Watch companion and Apple TV remote for Android

The Apple Watch and Apple TV apps for Android would obviously help to sell more of their respected devices.

The Podcast app for Android would be a good compliment to Apple Music and could solidify it as the number one Podcast app across all platforms.

  • One more thing… iMessage and Apple Pay peer-to-peer on Android. Tell your friends and turn those green bubbles blue

Embrace the Web

  • Reduce the price of iCloud storage
  • iCloud Drive now works exactly like Dropbox even with iBooks and iTunes
  • CloudKit server-side Swift code execution (like Parse Cloud Code)
  • Public Apple Maps JavaScript SDK. Apple already has one for their own site (you can see it in action on Apple retail store pages)
  • Power-user tools like inspecting and deleting data from an individual iCloud app

Too many times I’ve want to clear preferences for some game or app that has stored data in the iCloud key/value store and I couldn’t get it reset properly via the app.

  • The App Store is now a website and works like the Google Play Store. Buy apps from any computer or device and pick which signed-in device you want the app be loaded on. A great way to get apps to the TV and Watch
  • One more thing… iCloud IoT. Like AWS IoT so developers can stream messages and events to and from iCloud

Desktop-class iOS

  • Better Keyboard support (Focus Engine on iOS?)
  • Drag and Drop between apps
  • Windowed app mode
  • User profiles
  • One more thing… Xcode on iOS

More open source

Perhaps the crackpotiest of all the wishes:

  • Announcement of a new, open source, real-time operating system based on Darwin that is equally suited for a server or embedded device: Apple Core
  • Apple Core runs on the Raspberry Pi so developers can prototype HomeKit devices
  • One more thing… Apple Core is also the underpinnings of carOS!