Published Nonsense

Through all the incarnations of this blog, I’ve never settled on something that would give me the structure to write more. No single niche that I wanted to explore and write about in depth.

In most endeavours, I thrive in the constraints. However, now I think the best thing to do is embrace the lack of focus and make the constraint: “just write.”

I don’t expect this reboot of sorts to magically show that the niche topic was there all along. Also, most of what I write here will not be perfect, even after revisions. Nor be grammatically correct. Nor have a consistent voice or tense.

But that’s okay. The hardest part is actually starting.

I have a lot of clippings, links and lists scattered across Notes.app, Trello, Bookmarks, and Dropbox. Some are topical and others are more evergreen and related to hobbies of mine. I just want to go through the act of publishing content. Even if I’m just publishing nonsense.