Crackpot WWDC 2019 Wishlist

Crackpot WWDC 2019 Wishlist

The last Apple event I speculated about was WWDC 2016, and my wishlist focused mainly on services, the web and open source. There’s a good chance that services and the web will actually be a focus at WWDC 2019 with Apple putting an emphasis on services as their growing revenue segment. However, I’m looking forward to maybe the Mac being the star.

The possible unveiling of the long rumored Mac Pro successor and seeing what a more polished Marzipan will look like has me more excited about an Apple event than I have been in a while.

Previous Wishlist Fulfillments

Before speculating on the future, I wanted to see what items from the WWDC 2016 list had been fulfilled.

  • Open up an Apple Pay API to websites like Stripe: Apr 2018
  • Apple Pay with iMessage: Dec 2017
  • CloudKit SDK for Android: REST API and CloudKit JS from WWDC 2016 could get you there
  • Apple Maps JavaScript SDK: WWDC 2018
  • iOS Drag and Drop between apps: WWDC 2017
  • Re-brand all iTunes, iBooks, App Store (and in-app) purchases as Apple Pay purchases: Not quite the same, but you can now set Apple Pay as a payment option for these services as of May 2019

Still Wishing

  • Podcasts app, Apple Watch companion, and Apple TV remote for Mac and Android
  • Better Keyboard support in iOS (and maybe even mouse support)
  • Multi-user support in iOS
  • The App Store as a website (I don’t like using iTunes to manage purchases and subscriptions)

WWDC 2019 Wishlist

I like all the macOS rumors that have been floating about such as removing Dashboard, bringing iMessage to parity with iOS (through Marzipan), and developing a new music app. If all the rumors and leaks are true, I’ll be happy about the direction of the Mac as a platform.

What I haven’t read much about are developer-facing APIs and features. I’d like to see also see improvements to how apps can use app subscriptions and simpler integration of Core Data with CloudKit as these are things I want to simplify in my code at work.

Also, continued improvements to TestFlight and App Store Connect, which actually just launched a new users management section. I’d love to be able to better help users with subscription issues through App Store Connect. Side note, App Store Connect is largely an Angular application, but the new user management section is a React app.

I’d also like to have SiriKit allow any intent domain. Even if you have to model your custom intents in a schema like Alexa’s Interaction Model Schema.

Lastly, I’d like a visual redesign of iOS and macOS. Currently, I feel that Home, Stocks, News, and Voice Memos are second-class apps on the Mac in looks and behavior. A visual refresh to both platforms would force the hand of app developers to revisit their UI in prep for the new cross-platform world and maybe tamper the flood of hastily patched, odd-feeling iOS apps coming to the Mac. You’ll be able to see who truly took the time to make their apps a good Mac citizen even if its roots are iOS.