Software and Games for System 7

I’m restoring a Quadra 700 and doing a fresh operating system install. After everything tests out, it’s time to start loading it up with software and games. These are some titles I’m looking for that will run on a 68k Mac with System 7.5.5.


  • After Dark 3
  • AppleWorks 5
  • BBEdit 6
  • CodeWarrior
  • HyperCard 3
  • Internet Explorer 4.0.1
  • MacIRC
  • MacSSH
  • Netscape Communicator 4.0.8
  • Photoshop 5
  • ResEdit
  • StuffIt
  • TechTool
  • Toast 4.1
  • Transmit
  • WordPerfect 3.5


I’ll be updating these two lists with versions, download links and install instructions as I work through them.

Some of the software listed might not even work on System 7 or a 68k Mac. My memory is fuzzy. One title in particular title I wanted to load up, SoundJam, is actually only available for PowerPC Macs, so I removed it. Though, I guess it could work if I had a DayStar Turbo 601 installed in the Quadra.