Apple online store 2021 redesign

Apple has redesigned their online store and brought back the concept of a store homepage

The Apple online store homepage currently functions like someone just exported a Figma prototype and published it. It might look great when framed perfectly, but fails when a desktop window is resized to be larger or smaller than that perfect demo window size.

Also, it must check for a user-agent identifier because it resizes well to fit on a mobile device, but I can’t get it to hit breakpoints with a resize in a desktop browser.

We could also talk about how side scrolling on a desktop isn’t ideal, but the Apple online store audience is probably using a touchpad or mobile device.

This has the same feel as the beta version of Safari for macOS Monterey with full bleed colors and a combined address bar / tab bar.

It might look good as a concept, but functions poorly in practice. It doesn’t take in to account the messy, unknowable nature of the web and web browsers.