Framework Upgrade

The 12th Gen Intel upgrade kit for the Framework Laptop is now available. I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade my 11th Gen model, because I don’t know what I would do with the old mainboard. However, the fact they kept their promise of the laptop being an upgradable machine makes me happy and glad I purchased this machine.

Earlier in the year, Framework released documentation and printable cases for their mainboards to convert them in to desktops or repurpose them for other projects. I love that this is a possibility.

Some makers have ran with the idea.

My favorite is the Mainboard Terminal by Penk Chen.

And there is also the framedeck by brickbots.

I’ve been considering making a digital pinball cabinet for a while with my old Lynnfield i5 build that has a GeForce 460. The integrated graphics in the 11th Gen Intel i5 isn’t that bad, and I think it could be faster in both CPU and GPU than that 2010 tech.

Maybe I should get the upgrade kit.