Commodore 64

The Commodore line of 8-bit computers was my first computer experience a kid. My grandparents had a Commodore SX-64 at their house, and I spent a lot of my time on it.

The machine I have is a more traditional “breadbox” model with box. It only came with a PSU and a box and was “untested” due to the original owner not having a video cable. Luckily, after some initial testing, it actually booted up just fine.

Original Specs
  • CPU: MOS 6510 (variant of the 6502) @ 1.023 MHz
  • RAM: 64KB
Work Done
  • Tested PSU
  • Made a 8-pin DIN to RCA cable
  • Cleaned up

So far I don’t have many plans for this machine outside of just loading it up with software. Eventually I want to find all the disk and cartridge games I remember playing as a kid, but for now emulation will work.

  • Attach a Power Saver to prevent a future incident with the PSU
  • Get a SD2IEC or other 1541 drive emulator
  • Get two joysticks