Framework Upgrade

The 12th Gen Intel upgrade kit for the Framework Laptop is now available. I’m not sure if I’m going to upgrade my 11th Gen model, because I don’t know what I would do with the old mainboard. However, the fact they kept their promise of the laptop being an upgradable machine makes me happy and glad I purchased this machine.

Earlier in the year, Framework released documentation and printable cases for their mainboards to convert them in to desktops or repurpose them for other projects. I love that this is a possibility.

A Month with Linux

Last month, I tried using Linux for my daily driver and the results were mixed. While using Linux for work is as easy as using macOS, I had some minor hardware support issues, game controller issues, and I hesitated moving my personal computing needs to the platform.

Everyday spies

I came across this USB Phone Charger Camera on and realized just how cheaply and discretely anyone can spy on someone.

There are a lot of other hidden cameras devise like this alarm clock or this smoke detector. And there are dozens more that can be hidden or masquerade as other objects on websites like

Besides worrying about big companies spying on us through our mobile devices and aggregating our online activities, I’m starting to worrying that everyday people are spying on us in the real world, too.

20 Years of Haiku

Haiku remains one of the few remaining non-Unix open-source operating systems available today. It has gone beyond just maintaining binary compatibility with old BeOS code to becoming a powerful, workable operating system of its own.