Changing Interactions on the Apple Watch

The digital crown is one of the defining features of the Apple Watch; however, it’s underutilized as just a scroll wheel for the screen and picker controls. The limited functionality of the digital crown has made to the touch screen the primary way users interact with the device.


This weekend I played through Firewatch by Campo Santo. It is a visual stunning indie game that features some compelling dialogue, and while I enjoyed the story, I felt it was a lackluster game to play.

The Force Awakens

No spoilers, I promise.

The original Star Wars trilogy is a gritty, western soap opera set in space and moved forward by an action/adventure plot.

Fixing 404 Errors in Apache and Nginx

404s are probably the biggest issue with the internet, but fixing these errors in Apache and NGINX by redirecting an old url to a new one can be a simple change that will make your visitors happy, keep your logs clean and improve your SEO.